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Wood Flooring 

Engineered Wood

This wood flooring combines the laminate floating technology with real wood. The construction of engineered wood flooring is that you have a backing (usually plywood) which has the click, or interlocking system, then a certain thickness of real wood on the surface, which can be either lacquered, oiled or unfinished.

This system gives you the real wood finish, but gives more scope for fitting. Some of the engineered wood products are suitable for underfloor heating*. Similarly to the laminate this product will require an expansion gap which can be hidden with scotia beading or skirting.

We have a variety of different engineered wood designs and colours for you to see at our showroom. You also have the option of choosing an unfinished board which we can then stain and finish to your preferences.

*subject to manfucturer's specfications.

Solid Wood

Solid wood flooring is simply that, planks of 100% solid wood.

Most boards will come unfinished for you to choose a stain and finish to suit your colour scheme and lifestyle. We offer a full sanding service to finish your solid wood floor to a professional standard.

This product comes in various sized planks, including small planks to create herringbone and parquet designs.

We stock various stains and finishes for wood floors so head down to the showroom for samples.

This product has certain requirements in relation to subfloor preparations and options, to ensure that is it fitted correctly. If you are unsure whether your room is suitable for this flooring, please speak to us today, our contact information can be found here.

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